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Lake Fork Sportsman's Club

Shooter School would like to thank the Lake Fork Sportsman's Club for all of their support and commitment to safety. Lake Fork Sportsman's Club is home-base for Shooter School Weapons Training Site. The club has 3 ranges, a 200 yd rifle range with 8 concrete benches under cover, a 100 yard pistol range with 5 benches under cover at 50 yards and a new 200yd multi-use range. The main and side berms on the ranges were built according to the specs in the NRA Range Manual. They also have two traps with lights on one. Both traps are voice activated.

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First-Light USA

Founded in 2004, First-Light USA is the innovation leader in the design and manufacture of hands-enabling lighting tools. They are committed to developing products that adapt to a user’s movements and actions—freeing their hands to carry out any tactical, recreational or general task. Their flagship products include the Liberator and Tomahawk tactical lights—both proudly built in the USA. First-Light USA’s lighting tools exceed the US Military’s ‘Buy American Act’ standards.

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TK Custom

TK CUSTOM specializes in S&W, Ruger, Taurus (some) and Chiappa Rhino, Schofield .45 acp conversions. Revolver accessories for the competition shooter and sportsman. Their products include a complete line of Full Moonclips, Moonclip Stripper Tools, Moonclip Loading and Unloading Tools, a Moonclip Saver Tool and other items that may be of interest to revolver shooters'.

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